Ideal for Senior Citizen

Originally a military district, with splendid landscapes, diversified ecology and rich culture and traditions, Matsu has become a popular tourist attraction today.Matsu comprises four townships of Nangan, Beigan, Dongyin and Juguang and five major islands and other reefs. Most of the Mazu Islands are comprised of granite that have been weathered by millions of years of sea and wind erosion having formed a wide variety of uniquely beautiful terrain and scenery.

Matsu is an ideal destination for senior citizens, not only because of the relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle but also the brief distance in between attractions and with lavish fresh seafood offerings.

Augmenting this beauty of the terrine, Matsu offers other unparalled visual attractions including the famous “Blue tears”(or “Sea of Stars”, due to its glowing blue waves), which is a mysterious phenomenon caused by a species of plankton (dinoflagellates) that naturally emit spectacular blue illumination. In all parts of Matsu visitors can observe distinctive natural scenery, and one of the best places to experience it is at Fuzheng Beach in Dongju. Lovers of fauna shouldn’t miss the opportunity to observe gulls by boating or to board on Daqiu Island for Formosan Sika Deer for the most unforgettable experience of lifetime.

Another Matsu treat is having a boat trip in the cannels of and old military tunnel that brings sensations of mystery and romance as if boating on Venice gondolas. Anther great experience is sitting at the cafés in Quinbi Village surrounding with picturesque sea views or walking around the traditional Eastern Min style buildings in Nangan Jinsha Village that beautifully bring back images and feeling of another time. Matsu has much more to offer visiting senior citizens including the world’s tallest statue of the goddess Mazu, a walk into the Prayer Tunnel beneath the statue and be blessed by Mazu. The Queen of Heaven (Matsu) Temple is a center of worship and a must see attraction in Matsu. Residents of Matsu Village on Nangan believe that when Mazu tried to save her father from a shipwreck and she herself was drowned in the violent waves and her body washed up in the bay where the statue stands today. The local residents, out of respect for her filial behavior, buried her in a coffin that’s carved with phoenix patterns.

A great way to finish the day is by having delicious snacks after a long journey a day. There are lots of local snacks and traditional treats of Matsu such as fish noodles, wonton soup and radish shreds pastry that are perfect to invigorate weary travelers. And if you are looking for a lavish meal to satiate the most discerning gourmet, the various kinds of fresh seafood in Matsu, such like fresh clams, seaweed, mussels or other bounties of the sea will satisfy everyone. Furthermore, pairing these gourmets delights with a glass of “Lao jiu”(rice wine) or famous Matsu Kaoliang, will male a delicious meal even more memorable. Matsu has so much to offer all travelers including senior citizens.